Generate critical insights through innovative technology and data science that are changing the way operators and investors make decisions.

The energy market is beginning to recognize the value of adopting data and advanced analytics programs and tools to gain a competitive edge. RS Energy Group (RSEG) fuses the most advanced technology with data science and human expertise.

RS Prism™

Innovative Technology Underpinning Trusted Analytics

RS Prism™ is RSEG’s single-solution software platform that seamlessly integrates all RSEG intelligence, advanced analytics and data science technology. RSEG developed a fast, dynamic and agile technology that supports RSEG’s internal research efforts and complex analyses but also delivers a revolutionary platform to RSEG clients.

RSEG’s software development team partnered closely with more than 100 analysts, data scientists and creative team members to methodically develop this nimble platform tailored toward solving the energy market’s biggest challenges.

Operators and institutional investors can finally interact with data and analytics in a timely, efficient and precise manner. Complex workflows that used to take weeks or months are reduced to hours or days with RS Prism™.



Translating data science into decision science

Leverage data science to make rapid, more accurate decisions with quantifiable evidence; explore and intersect vast amounts of data from numerous sources to uncover trends or insights. With more than 100 technical analysts steering our data science teams, RSEG is contextualizing information in ways the industry has never seen; emerging with decision science, predictive methodologies and innovative analytics.

As a partner with RSEG, clients reduce the risk associated with decisions based on static data sets. Translating data science in the energy industry means integrating elements such as data virtualization, in-memory computing, statistics, pattern recognition, supervised learning, anomaly detection, artificial neural networks and reinforcement learning.

RSEG is a leader in advanced data science and clients gain a competitive edge with this technology integrated into every solution. RSEG remains hyper-focused on expanding data science, machine learning and AI into all its platform and solutions.

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